Overview – WA WHS (General) Regulations 2022

The 2022 WHS regulations have introduced many changes and are very different to the 1996 OSH Regulations – see examples.

Have you reviewed and updated your WHS Risk Assessments, WHS Systems and Procedures? .

Examples of new and significantly changed regulations are:

  • Training WHS Representatives
  • Hierarchy of Control, Maintenance and review of Control measures
  • Emergency Planning
  • Reporting prescribed illnesses and high potential incidents (WHS ACT)
  • Confined Spaces, Dropped Objects and Falls
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Definition of High Risk Work – inclusion of marine related work.
  • Meaning of construction work
  • Training Processes, Training Documentation and Safe Work method Statements to be “Readily Understandable”
  • Electrical equipment testing and tagging
  • Signs, underground electric (power) lines
  • Records to be retained  : (Examples) Safe work method statements, Induction Training, Confined space entry permit, Confined Space Training, Confined Space risk assessment, Hazardous Chemical Training, Airborne contaminant levels, High Risk Licences, Electrical Equipment Testing, RCD tests,  Plant with presence-sensing safeguarding system, Plant Designs, Registered Plant, Fire protection and firefighting equipment, Health Monitoring, Asbestos etc.
  • ., These are covered in the WA Approved Codes of Practice (Advisory only)

PCBU’s must be familiar with WA Approved Codes of Practice (CoP)  to access  guidance on how to manage Hazards and Risks.

The WA CoPs  cover many specific work practices and processes which were called up in the repealed OHS 1996 Regulations.

iSOL8 WHS Consultants can assist by:

  • Reviewing and updating your documents and risk assessments to ensure they align with WA WHS (General & Mining) Regulations – 2022 and  AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 : Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use
  • Provide advice on which of your WHS processes and documents fall under transitional requirements (repealed 1996 OHS regulations to new 2022 WHS regulations (General) – 2022)  and the transition time frames.

craig.power@isol8.systems , 08 6166 9110, 0435, 763, 832

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