Project Status

  • Stephen Craig Power is the inventor of iSOL8™
  • The iSOL8™ IP is owned by iSOL8 Pty Ltd.
  • Provisional patent application for iSOL8™ submitted in Australia and internationally. 66 out of the 66 patent claims have been determined by IP Australia as novel inventive and applicable to industry.
  • LinkedIn profile for Craig Power contains summarised details of iSOL8 including a descriptive video
  •  iSOL8 was entered into the “Shell Australian” Innovation Awards in early August 2015  – iSOL8 was short listed in the Minerals & Energy category but did not make the finals which were announced in November 2015
  • All hard ware used for iSOL8™ is available in the market place. Further internal development work is being undertaken to develop an MVP low cost electronic Blue Tooth / RFID operated lockbox.
  • Software Design commenced in early December 2015. Software design completed in March 2015 and functional testing has commenced in March. This includes a computer generated simulation of the iSOL8 process.
  • On completion of internal testing;  a test bed will be installed at a WA training facility  to conduct further live testing and demonstration of iSOL8 to prospective clients and partners
  • It is planned to securing an early adopter (Australia) at low entry cost to field test iSOL8™  prior to going to the market
  • Early stage discussions commenced with three well known international and Australian companies who have expertise in displaying plant operational data in real time to Plant Process Flow Mimic Panels – to be able to display iSOL8 status in real time.
  • Testimonials received on iSOL8™ from three individuals. These can be provided on request.
  • National phase patent examinations commenced in early 2017 in Australian, EU and USA jurisdictions.

Commercial Opportunities will be pursued on two fronts in late 2017

  1. Licensing of the patent (with or without software) to various entities.
  2. Developing partnerships to commercialise iSOL8 (patent and software) to enhance their product line with an industrial isolation management system and for design houses to include the framework of iSOL8 in the original plant design.