iSOL8™ is a patented electronic industrial hazardous energy isolation system.

iSOL8™ is the collective name for a process comprised of smart and standard lock boxes, NFC tagged isolation points and isolation locks, NFC enabled mobile devices, and a web based database system for collective management of isolation permits and isolation planning.

iSOL8™ replaces traditional LOTO – Lock Out Tag Out paper based and hybrid electronic isolation management systems.

Our Patent

A Standard Patent was granted by IP Australia in September 2017 “Method and System for Isolation Management and/or Access Control – Number 2015902338

A PCT application was submitted in March 2017 to the EU and USA jurisdictions  – Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT) patent application number PCT/AU2015/0507751

Read more about the development of iSol8.

Trials and Demonstrations

A demonstration kit has been developed for presentation to interested parties and was showcased at the Australian Oil and Gas Conferences.

Early Adopter trials are being undertaken in 2018-2019 with industrial plant customers.

If you are interested in a trialling iSol8 please contact us.