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PPE & Safety Signs

Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Signs 2022 WHS (General) Regulations & 1996 OHS Regulations Are there are substantial differences? – YES WHS Regulations Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Part3.2 Division 5 – Personal Protective Equipment R44 , R45, R46 and R47 R44 (3) (edited)  – PPE is suitable having regard to the nature of the work […]

Are your documents understandable?

2022 WHS (General) Regulations & 1996 OHS Regulations Are there are substantial differences? – YES A new phrase used in two important regulations  “is readily understandable” WHS Regulations Reg 39 – Provision of information, training and instruction    (3) The person must ensure that the information, training and instruction is provided in a way that is […]


Confined Space and Welding/Cutting

2022 WHS (General) Regulations & 1996 OHS Regulations Are there are substantial differences? – YES Work in Confined Spaces WHS Regulations – Part 4.3, R 62 to R 77 Confined Space Risk assessment, R66 (2) (3) and Confined Space Entry permit (R67) must be done, and records kept (R77) Training records kept for two years […]

Notifiable Incidents & Diseases

What is New – WHS Act 2020 and WHS (General) Regulations 2022 1.      Work Health and Safety Act 2020 – Section 38, now requires the PCBU to  report a dangerous incident to the Regulator. This is a major change compared to the repealed 1984 OHS Act and 1996 Regulations. WHS 2022 Act Section 37. (c) defines […]

An Underground Inrush Incident

Two sub-contractor underground miners were bogging out vent rise reamer cuttings. They sensed something was wrong and started walking away from the reamer stockpile area and back down the drive. Both personnel were hit by a large inrush of water, mud, reamer cuttings and flung into parked machinery, resulting in serious injuries to both  employees. […]

SOLAR BENCH PROJECT – Cecil Andrews College

In 2019, Cecil Andrews College students came up with the idea of an outdoor classroom and meeting area, using recycled plastics and providing stand-a-lone solar power to charge mobile devices. The idea was enthusiastically supported by College Principal – Stella Jinman, Senior Design and Technical Teacher – Jason Evans and Engineering Mentor – Craig Power. […]

Fall Though a Roof – A Family Crisis

As parents and relatives, we help our siblings earn a few dollars and give them some part-time work (Example – Siblings doing tertiary studies). This is especially easy for small building services contractors, who in many cases may not have basic safety management checks in place and do work using “Common Sense”. This is such […]

Dropped Load – A Layer Cake of Errors

A Dropped Load Several hundred pre-cast concrete reinforced panels had been craned and installed without any obvious safety issues when a panel detached from the basketed flat sling arrangement and fell to the floor below. The slings had not failed, it was obvious that one sling had slipped towards the centre of the load allowing […]

Social License to Operate – Skating on the Razor’s Edge

Introduction – Social License to Operate There have been several community related Occupational Health related scandals in Western Australia: reference the Lead Contamination problems at the Port of Esperance around 2006/2007 and the more recent issue of lead contamination experienced at the newly opened Perth Children’s Hospital. The initial response and management of community health […]