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SOLAR BENCH PROJECT – Cecil Andrews College

In 2019, Cecil Andrews College students came up with the idea of an outdoor classroom and meeting area, using recycled plastics and providing stand-a-lone solar power to charge mobile devices. The idea was enthusiastically supported by College Principal – Stella Jinman, Senior Design and Technical Teacher – Jason Evans and Engineering Mentor – Craig Power. […]

Fall Though a Roof – A Family Crisis

As parents and relatives, we help our siblings earn a few dollars and give them some part-time work (Example – Siblings doing tertiary studies). This is especially easy for small building services contractors, who in many cases may not have basic safety management checks in place and do work using “Common Sense”. This is such […]

Dropped Load – A Layer Cake of Errors

A Dropped Load Several hundred pre-cast concrete reinforced panels had been craned and installed without any obvious safety issues when a panel detached from the basketed flat sling arrangement and fell to the floor below. The slings had not failed, it was obvious that one sling had slipped towards the centre of the load allowing […]

Social License to Operate – Skating on the Razor’s Edge

Introduction – Social License to Operate There have been several community related Occupational Health related scandals in Western Australia: reference the Lead Contamination problems at the Port of Esperance around 2006/2007 and the more recent issue of lead contamination experienced at the newly opened Perth Children’s Hospital. The initial response and management of community health […]


Mission Impossible – The Drone Dance

My Drone class had been experimenting with assembling and flying several types of drones over the past 6 months. The next phase was to conduct a coordinated Drone flying routine using 6 or more Drones together. Peter Fares – The specialist Dance Teacher, choreographed a dance routine. Peter combined the six drones (flyers) with a […]


Safety Systems and Blockchain

It seems the word on everyone’s lips is the blockchain. How much of it is hype, and how much is real? The blockchain is heavily associated with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. My techies tell me it’s much more important than that. The way the blockchain works is that each new block of transactions includes a […]

Cecil Andrews College – Leading Edge STEM High School

I have had the privilege  of being an external engineering based industry mentor to year 10/11 students over the past two years, assisting in the STEM Project Based Learning program – working with the Principal Stella Jinman and Head Technology teacher  John Townley and have been given the unofficial title of “Resident Engineer” for the college. In […]