The Art of War – Knowledge of Client OHS Management Systems


Contractors working for government/ large commercial / industrial / mining / construction clients must first pass an OHS Pre-qualification assessment (example is  CM3) which is based on their tender  or expression of interest submission.

The pre-qualification specifications require contractors to formally demonstrate their Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems, Legal Compliance, Procedures, Safety Culture and OHS Statistical Performance.

Presenting quality Occupational Health and Safety documentation to prospective clients  assists contractors in being invited to submit  a tender and potentially winning a contract.

This requires interpretation of client OHS specifications and preparation of the tender documentation to cater for the client’s requirements.

Many of our  customers are “hands on” companies who have found their client OHS requirements to be over-specified , confusing and overwhelming  with little or no assistance provided.

Passing the initial pre-qualification assessment can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience as some large clients have procedures that are complex and written in a language that is difficult to understand.

iSOL8 provides contractors with support in the pre-qualification process by interpreting client OSH requirements specified in contract documentation.

Tender and Contract Services

  • Develop the OHS (or HSE) portion of contract and tenders issued to contractors. In some cases a revised OHS management plan and supporting documentation is required together with a generic Risk Register.
  • Evaluate the contractor’s tender submission against client specifications
  • Developing and customising contractor OHS submissions to comply with client tender requirements
  • Assessing and uploading CM3 pre-qualification submissions for small and medium size contractors.
  • Assist contractors in the understanding and implementation of client OHS procedures, forms and reporting protocols
  • Assist contractors to prepare their OHS records and site housekeeping prior to an evaluation assessment visit by a prospective client.