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Risk Profile

Determining the business OHS Risk Profile is the first and most important step to manage and improve Occupational Health & Safety performance and comply with client requirements , statutory acts and regulations.

Organisations must:

  1. Define the activities undertaken by the business – Tasks undertaken and business operations
  2. Determine hazards, risks and controls to manage, eliminate and mitigate these risks – the area of most importance is to address risks with the potential for serious injury and fatality outcomes.

A significant number of risk assessments are overly lengthy, produce lots of “White Noise” by focussing on all hazards and risks rather than critical risks. They tend to be paper exercises, do not add lasting value to the organisation and end up  as dust collectors.


  • Facilitation of client (CRAW) risk assessment workshops for contracts, projects and operations.
  • Desk top risk assessments
  • Mining Industry focussed Principal Hazard Management and Principal Control Plans
  • Integrated construction project risk assessments for modifications and upgrades to existing plant, public buildings and offices
  • Review and development of Safe Work Method Statements and Job Safety Analyses
  • Plant design risk assessments – Operations and Maintenance
  • Plant walk-around HAZID inspections and assessments
  • “HAZOP”, HAZAN and “What If” process plant studies
  • Hazardous Chemicals Risk Assessments