Access Permit Procedure Flow Chart

“Permit to Work” (PTW) Systems are commonplace for high risk tasks and consists of an over arching  document and several subsidiary certificates – such as Confined Space , Excavation & Penetration and Electrical Access Corridor .

Craig Power designed, implemented and managed the paper based Commissioning “Permit to Work” and the “Isolation Management System”  and Procedures (LOTO) for the multi-billion $ Olympic Dam Expansion project in 1997-98.

iSOL8 has partnered with PTW software specialist to produce customised software solutions based on client hybrid paper/electronic “Permit to Work” procedures.

Our Services

  1. Desk Top, Field Review and Gap Analysis of Work Permit systems.
  2. Modification and major re-design of the system
  3. Assistance in the development of Client Server or Cloud based Management Systems
  4. Training, Coaching and Mentoring of employees (Users) and direct line managers
  5. Targeted site inspections and compliance audits
  6. Forensic Investigations into incidents involving failure of Work Permit systems