OSH Documentation Road Map

OHS management system documentation must be integrated and compatible with business systems .

It must be efficient, effective, reduce administration and implementation costs, comply with the organisational standards and business needs whilst meeting statutory requirements and community expectations.

iSOL8 Pty Ltd can assist clients in the elimination and management of common issues found with OHS Management Systems, Plans, Procedures and Forms.

Issues include:

  • Complex electronic OHS management database system
  • Ineffective use of OHS management features and options
  • Documents are poorly written and not pitched at the literacy level of users
  • Cut and paste documents – not customised for the business
  • Illegal copying and use of document content and formats
  • Documents have not been road tested with users
  • Poor document control systems – reliance on storage in personal C Drives
  • High Costs – Excessive OHS administration workload for supervisors and administrators

Documentation Services

  • Design OHS Risk Management documentation
  • Road test existing client OHS Risk Management documentation
  • Customise commercial electronic OHS database management systems
  • Assist clients in the selection of commercial electronic OHS data base management systems
  • Reduce OHS data capture administration time, using voice to text and wireless technology with direct upload to client digital OHS data management systems .