Storage Shed – Reactive Concentrate – High Temperature and SO2 levels

Management of an OHS Crisis imposes significant stress on individuals and organisations who may find it difficult to deal with efficiently and effectively.

Crises arise in several areas including:

  • Improvement and prohibition notices issued by the statutory authorities
  • Private Litigation
  • Withdrawal of labour by unions, critical employees leaving the organisation
  • Potential loss of a contract due to major breaches of client OHS requirements
  • Unsafe products sent to customers
  • Community and political outrage – real and imagined
  • Fatality and major incident events
  • Intense focus by social media and the press
  • Unplanned or sudden loss of senior executive OHS staff
  • Low morale of employees


  • Short term replacement OHS executive role
  • Oversee, plan and coordinate the way through and out of the crisis – short, medium and long term action plans
  • Employer Advocate and Management Advisor when dealing with third parties and internal company staff.
  • Call in Crisis leaders to simulate and train clients in crisis response and management