P&ID Display Board with NFC tags








Isolation systems (LOTO – Lock Out and Tag Out) are essential to protect employees when working on energised plant and equipment.

Significant safety and time wasting administration issues are :

  • Lengthy permit processing and authorisation time
  • Lengthy time to isolate plant and equipment
  • Inadequate verification of correct isolation points
  • P&I Drawings and SL Diagrams are not up to date or do not reflect changes to plant processes
  • Procedures are too complex and error enforcing
  • Inadequate training
  • Inadequate compliance auditing
  • Inadequate review of the effectiveness and efficiency procedures
  • Poor labelling of isolation points on drawings and in the field
  • Inadequate investigation of incidents
  • Poor understanding of stored energy sources such as pressure.
  • Poor understanding of what can go wrong at initial plant (first time) energisation and loading


  • Review, assess and customise client procedures and determine requirements to reduce administration time and improve the reliability.
  • Develop set piece isolation plans for standard tasks
  • Assessing the client change control processes when plants are modified or upgraded
  • Training in systems and procedures
  • Provide advice on commercially available electronic and paper based systems


In late 2017 – iSOL8 Pty Ltd in conjunction with Mineral Blue and a Perth based Engineering Company, commenced working on a new and innovative software product to enable ISOLATION PLANS to be electronically produced from “Smart Interactive Drawings”