Train Load Out Incident – Column alignment wedge driven into foundation

Our incident investigation project experience covers a wide range of industries and events including fatalities, construction incidents, process plant production loss events, above ground and underground mining incidents and high risk potential events.

Thorough evidence based incident investigations are essential for organisations as they:

  • Determine contributing factors, root causes and corrective actions
  • Identify gaps in the corporate behaviour and culture
  • Are applied as learnings across the organisation
  • Are a key factor in managing and preparing for the likelihood of litigation actions
  • Inform, educate and embed real life lessons for investigation team members such senior managers and supervisors

Services – Incident Investigations

  • Experienced investigation facilitator
  • Conduct the investigation and produce reports with recommendations
  • Conduct the investigation under the protection of “Legal Privilege”
  • Follow up audits to determine the implementation and effectiveness of corrective actions

Investigations are carried out from the ground-up using “Sequence of events” and “5 whys analysis” as the basis of investigations. Technical experts are brought into the team as required where plant and equipment (FMEA, LOPA) or human factors expertise is required.